The "Hogares"


Our Board of Directors is in charge of directing the path of the Hogares Rafaela Ybarra along with our personnel and our Executive Director.

Among their functions, they are in charge of organizing activities that make possible the works at the Hogares through fund raising and donations of time, money and materials.

Besides, they identify special needs and the best way to supply them.

Executive Director: Sister Elena Crespo

Board of Directors

President: Véronique Descombes
Vice-President: Lourdes Corominas
Secretary: Alan Cohen
Sub-Secretary: Gladys Rodríguez
Treasurer: Carlos Xavier Vélez

Other Members of the Board:

  • Sister Aránzazu Labak
  • José Ordeix
  • Andrés Claudio
  • Michael Báez
  • Katherine Gómez
  • Francisco Garrido
  • Norma Rodríguez
  • Luis Carlos Marcano


Blessed Rafaela Ybarra

Founder of the Congregation of Custodian Angel (Congregación Ángeles Custodios)

Beata Rafaela Ybarra

Beata Rafaela Ybarra

She was born in Bilbao in 1843. Married and with children, she knew how to reconcile her family duties with a life filled with charity and spiritual wealth. Her union with God reached levels proper of saints. The writings about her spiritual experiences, as her numerous correspondence, reflect a woman who was filled with the love to Jesus Christ and for others. Her charitable activity, dedicated in the beginning to remediate all kinds of needs was oriented, in the plenitude of her mature years, to protect and take care of girls and young women who, in the industrial Bilbao of the end of Century XIX, were exposed to the dangers of poverty and ignorance.

She promoted apartments to receive the girls and workshops for their education and sustenance. At the same time she created in Bilbao numerous institutions for the protection of women.

With the first volunteers committed with this task, she created the first residence – workshop, in which she left her own charisma and style: “sweetness in the means and firmness in the ends” “what love cannot achieve, fear will not achieve”.

Never get tired of doing good.

Nunca se cansen de hacer el bien

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“Nos lo pueden quitar todo, menos una cosa: la libertad de elegir nuestra actitud en cualquier tipo de circunstancias” Víctor FranklAcciones positivas de autocuidado

Compartimos la imagen desarrollada por Action for Happiness para que juntos afrontemos de la mejor manera este periodo de incertidumbre.

“Nos lo pueden quitar todo, menos una cosa: la libertad de elegir nuestra actitud en cualquier tipo de circunstancias” Víctor Frankl

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