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For more than 65 years we have provided a home, care and protection for girls and teenage girls between the ages of 5 and 18, who due to diverse circumstances lack a home. We offer them the adequate opportunities to guarantee a healthy development and growth at all levels.


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What do we offer?

Hogares Rafaela Ybarra is a non-profit corporation founded and directed by the Religiosas de los Ángeles Custodios (Sisters of the Custodian Angels).  Beginning with a preventive approach, we want to reduce school dropout rates and to eliminate inadequate conducts.

Our mission is to provide a home, care and protection to girls and teenage girls who, because of diverse circumstances in the socio-familiar environment, lack a home and adequate opportunities that guarantee them a healthy development and growth at all levels: physical, moral, spiritual, emotional and educational.

The main objective of our service program is to offer these girls the opportunity to develop their maximum potential, to have a righteous and successful life. We want to help develop independent women who benefit their families and society, working with them successfully to develop the necessary tools to overcome the challenges that they face.

Be the sponsor of a girl

Family Dynamics

When you sponsor one of our girls, it gives her a healthy and adequate modeling besides a healthy family dynamic, support and the warmth of a home so necessary for them.

Monthly Visits

The girls can visit their sponsor’s home once a month. Besides, you can visit them at the Hogares Rafaela Ybarra, and also spend a whole day together one Sunday per month.

I Want To Donate!

Learn about some of the initiatives to become part of our family.

Hogares Rafaela Ybarra

Contribute to the Homes

The “Hogares” (Homes) consists of 3 modern houses in the posterior part of the Colegio Ángeles Custodios. The houses are home to up to 36 girls aged 4 to 18 years old.

You can contribute with:

  • Donations for school supplies and tuition
  • Provide food and clothing for the girls
  • To plant gardens and vegetables
  • To provide lighting for the areas
  • To request funds for solar energy, water tanks and LED lights to contribute to the conservation of our planet

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We give a healthy home environment with warmth, love and dedication in which we provide all basic needs such as: a home, food and clothing. They also learn the basic tasks in a home.


They receive human, civic, religious and moral education.

Social Interaction

With the social workers and the sisters, the girls receive individual and group orientations, therapies, crisis intervention, talks, and support.

Formal Education

The girls attend the Colegio Ángeles Custodios or another educational center in the event that their special situation requires it.


We have the services of a psychologist and we also offer other specialized services to take care of their psycho-emotional needs.

Academic Tutoring

Almost all the girls arrive to the home with a lag in their school or with poor academic skills for their grade. They require remedial assistance to prepare them to adequately compete in their schoolwork.


We cover all their health needs and dental services.


The girls participate in a recreation program inside and outside the institution, and also in sports events.

Sponsors Homes

A significant number of these girls and teenagers cannot regularly visit their original homes due to an insecure environment, or because they have completely lost their family nucleus, are orphans, or for other reasons. In these cases, we identify a stable home, which is the resource for these girls to have a place to visit. These homes offer a healthy and adequate modelling and a healthy family dynamic, support and warmth, which is so necessary for them.

Orientation and Follow-Up

We offer this service to the families through interviews, meetings, visits and talks, to help them work with conflict situations and to prepare the return of the girl to their homes in cases in which the family nucleus is recoverable.