Founder of Congregación Ángeles Custodios


Beata Rafaela Ybarra

Beata Rafaela Ybarra

She was born in Bilbao in 1843.

Married with children, she knew how to reconcile her family obligations with a life full of charity and spiritual wealth. Their union with God reached the levels of the saints. The writings about her spiritual experiences, as well as her numerous correspondence, reflect a woman full of love for Jesus Christ and her fellow men. 

Her charitable activity, initially dedicated to remedying all kinds of needs, was oriented, in the fullness of her maturity, to protect and care for girls and young women who, in the industrial Bilbao of the late nineteenth century, were exposed to the damage of poverty and ignorance. She promoted flats to accommodate them and workshops for their training and sustenance; At the same time, she promoted the creation of numerous institutions for the protection of women in Bilbao. 

With the first volunteers committed to this task, she created the first residence-workshop, to which she imprinted her own charisma and style: “sweetness in the means and firmness in the ends” “what love does not reach, fear will not achieve”.

“Never grow weary of doing good”